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We’re very aware of the need to avoid single-use plastic wherever we can, but packing a mixed box with vegetables and dry goods requires that some things get water-proof wrapping, and at the moment, that often means plastic.

We re-use as much as possible. That means you need to return boxes, cold bags and cold blocks to us – we sometimes use second hand plastic bottles to make cold blocks, and second-hand plastic bags to separate meat & dairy in your cold bag. Our egg producers can re-use egg boxes, and we reuse clean paper bags for packing delicate veg like mushrooms.

However, that said, we’re finding that our packing shed is filling up with second-hand packaging, and while some of it is useful, some of it isn’t. 


So here’s a quick guide to the items we want returned to us, and the ones where we  say 

“Thanks but no thanks!”

What to return to us:

  • Delivery box (unless it is damaged) or similar sized boxes (stackable) YES
  • Other cardboard boxes NO
  • Cold bag or box (unless it is damaged)  YES
  • Cold block (please remove from cold bag) YES
  • Glass juice bottles, no lids YES
  • Preserve and honey jars from local suppliers, no lids YES
  • Jars from bulk buy or other suppliers (eg mustard, sauerkraut) NO
  • Household products,  plastic bottles, with lids YES
  • Other plastic bottles (we’ve got plenty for cold blocks at the moment) NO
  • Clean plastic bags big enough to double pack raw meat to
    keep our cold bags clean YES
  • Small plastic bags NO
  • Clean paper bags YES
  • Clean cardboard punnets YES
  • Plastic punnets or round lidded containers NO
  • Egg boxes YES
  • Microwaveable containers for ready meals YES



  • Lots of the food and drink available through the Food Hub is pre-packed.  We have asked all our cooks to list ingredients including any allergens (eg. wheat, milk, eggs) in the ‘notes’ sections of each product.
  • Please note that our dried goods are packed in an area where flour, oats, seeds and nuts are present. 
  • If you have a specific allergy-related query, please contact the appropriate producer for that item (the producer information may be found next to the item on our online shop).
  • If you are unable to find the information you require, or have any other query, please contact us. 


"The Forest Food Hub delivers nutritious food and healthy provisions - and much more  - good quality at a fair price.   Shop online every week - or less often - buy as much or as little as you need.  Choose from a wide variety of local suppliers and collect your order from close to your home. Win Win!"

Julia Caley Parkend 

Our main sorting hub is located at Oaklands Park.


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