Welcome to the Dean Forest Food Hub!

 The Dean Forest Food Hub is like an online farmers market. Customers can order produce from the Forest of Dean area on a weekly basis, when it’s available, knowing they are getting high quality food, supporting local businesses, and cutting down on their food miles.  Producers receive their orders weekly, so they can harvest or bake to order, cutting down on wastage.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone in the Forest of Dean can access affordable local produce that is fair for the producer as well.

Our local growers are in the “hungry gap” at the moment: we’ve eaten most of what they had in storage, and there’s not a lot coming off the fields just now. There are problems with imports, too, but we’re doing our best and the importers we buy from pay a fair price to their producers, so we’re better supplied than some supermarkets!

We’d still remind you to order responsibly, and not to order more food than you need. Food waste is a huge problem in the UK and we don’t want to be adding to it.

Assorted veg

For customers

– the fair place to buy local produce

We now deliver 2 days a week!

We need to send you to a new web page that lets you decide whether you will join the Wednesday hub – mostly the south west side of the Forest – or the Friday hub – the northern & eastern side. The two hubs have some different producers, too.

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For producers

– the fair place to sell local produce

You’ve found a convenient way to sell your produce to a Forest-wide market enthusiastic about local, sustainable food!

The Food Hub offers a space to market, sell and distribute your produce where you set the sale price.
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