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How It Works

1) Login using your email and password at the top of this page. You can join the Hub by filling in your details here

2) Click 'FoodHub Shop' to browse and order from the range of local and non-local produce available. Orders close 11:59pm Tuesday each week.

3) Pay using one of the payment methods - BACS or PayPal. See here for more details: 'Welcome Pack' If this isn't possible for you, contact us before ordering.

4) Pick up your order from your pick-up point on Friday or Saturday (not all pick-up points will have the same opening hours. Please check with your pick-up point).

Note: Check the Order Date when you are ordering. Orders received on a Wednesday-Saturday will not be ready for pick up this week, but for the following week. The date of pick up is displayed on the screen while you are ordering.

Our local producers are in peak season - there's lots of really excellent local veg at the moment.
And we have done a stock take and found a few items that are too close to their best before dates for comfort, so if you search for "special offer" you might find something nice.
In particular, there is some unsalted butter, some hazelnuts and some ground almonds that are discounted, and both wholemeal & white bread flour.... and a few others too, wouldn't want to spoil the surprise...

If you cannot confirm your order on this system, all available delivery slots are taken.

Pickup Points may still change at short notice - we'll let you know by email if there are problems.

When collecting your box, please remember to observe all relevant safety precautions.

By the way, you can sign up to get an email reminding you to order on Mondays here