Why here?

The Forest of Dean is a difficult place to do business in some ways, especially if you’re a food producer. There’s no one town that’s big enough to run a “real” farmers market, and it’s not the sort of place where people want a high-priced, high-status show-off sort of market. But there are lots of great food producers, and lots of people who want good fresh food…

The people who squatted Yorkley Court took a long hard look at this situation, and decided to have a go at running something on line, and the rest is history. Some of the people who were at Yorkley Court are still heavily involved.

The Camp Hill communty at Oaklands Park gave us space to pack and store our dry goods, and lots of local producers helped us get started – special mention of Crooked End and Cinderhill Farms for lending us vans, for example. Some of our producers have been with us since the very beginning – Ragmans Lane Farm, the Forest Bakehouse, Greenhill Coffee, ….

The Forest Showcase has given us a boost each year, too.