Vegan Wild Garlic Pesto!

It’s the time of year when things once again start to spring from the ground all around us with abundance. Have you ever been down in the woods somewhere and could have sworn you’ve smelt garlic?

Chances are you have, and the culprit is the wide, flat green leaves sprouting out of the floor around you. Wild Garlic is just one of the many things the forest provides for us and here is a simple and great tasting recipe to make the most of it.

You will need:

  • A good fistful or two of Wild Garlic leaves
    (pick the lighter green shoots from the top of the plant)
  • Enough olive oil to make it all nice and moist, maybe 4 tablespoons
  • A small shallot, finely chopped
  • A tablespoon full of your favourite nuts
    My choice would be ground almonds (organic of course!)
  • A good pinch of salt & pepper
  • Chilli powder if you’re brave enough!

If you have a Nutribullet or other fast blender, combine the ingredients and give it a short blast, but I mean short as we don’t want it to turn to puree. Otherwise, chop the garlic leaves finely with a pair of scissors, and mix everything together in a bowl with your hands.

Et voila, the perfect strong, vibrant flavour to go with bread and hummus or whatever else you fancy.


– Thommy (Food Hub Volunteer)

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