The largest land sale in the UK… for a quick quid.

The Co-operative Group wants to sell all of its land to the highest bidder, all to fund the losses of its appallingly run bank. To make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, they will try and sell to the highest bidder. But this is the biggest land sale in decades: that means over 50,000 acres of land under co-operative ownership could will be lost, just to fund the private investors plugging the gaps in the Co-op bank’s finances.Or, it could be the chance for a generation: a new generation of young farmers with a vision – a sustainable, equitable and truly cooperativevision, vital for the future of UK agriculture  – could be given the chance to access the land for the benefit of us all.

Tell the Co-op board to halt the fire-sale of their farms and give the farmers of the future the #timetobid

Or sign the petition…

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