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Lorna Stubbs in Blakeney Hill says:

The Food Hub is great, fresh local organic veg every week, a wonderful way to do shopping, order online then collect from Newnham Market. Sooo much nicer than trailing round a supermarket. The excitement of seeing what is in the box, then finding ideas from the food as to what I might make to eat. Really enjoy the receipes, particularly the herb pesto and aduki bean stew.
All the produce tastes so nice, not bland and watery with little flavour, which is then how the supermarket produce seems!
Wonderful homemade jams and bread. Meat, born, bred and brought to me literally from up the road. Our food and diet has been revolutionised. Long live the Food Hub. Thank you Lynne and all the Team.

Nuri Lopez in Newnham on Severn says:

The food hub is an amazing way to support our local community and reduce our carbon foot print. I feel lucky to be able to enjoy fresh organic biodynamic vegetables, meat and naughty delicious sweet treats produced locally. We are what we eat and I feel privilege to be able to access such a high quality food on my door step. There is something very special about knowing where you food comes from. The prices are great and I feel better supporting my local producers than big supermarkets which by the way they only need to be 90% organic by law and the other 10% could be anything else than organic. Thank you so much for your wonderful services and I hope more initiatives like the food hub are contagious everywhere.

Thom Powell in Westbury on Severn says:

The products on offer are fresh, high quality, healthy and the ordering system and service provided are both great. Why struggle to find your own organic goodies? Here we have a team of experts sourcing the best of whats available locally, saving you time and money in the process.

Basically, the food is better here because it’s chosen to fit the needs of the consumer not the supermarket, and cheaper here as you aren’t lining anyone else’s pockets unnecessarily with excess transportation and storage costs. In short the food hub is a breath of fresh air and could be the thing which enables our society to survive and thrive rather than wither and die. We are privileged to have such an operation fully functioning in a sustainable manner here in the Forest of Dean!