Spring Cleansing Diet

springgreensWith the weather currently warm and enlivening now is the time to consider a good spring clean inside.

Here are some suggestions which are almost universally helpful for giving energy, clearing the liver and getting rid of dull winter skin and joint aches.

For 7-14 days: drink plenty of water and

  • Eat salads with French dressing, with eggs, meat or fish if desired
  • Eat at least five steamed leafy vegetables with chicken or fish
  • Fried breakfast with no bread or potatoes, or scrambled, boiled or omeletted eggs
  • Try spring soup: chicken (or vegetable) stock with whizzed-up greens kale, spinach, celery, chard, nettles, leeks, flavoured to taste:
  • Greek salad: feta, tomatoes, avocado, olives, basil in olive oil
  • Lightly steamed kale tossed in yoghourt, coconut, garlic and bacon
  • Egg flan made with chestnut or chickpea flour, with salad
  • Cauliflower gratinee: lightly cooked then grilled with cheese on top

Cut out

  • tea, coffee, alcohol and chocolate
  • dairy and sugar
  • root vegetables, fruits and grains

As always, this isn’t medical advice, but if you research you’ll find most modern sensible diet advisers work along much the same lines as these (or you can go along and see your local friendly naturopath/homeopath for personal guidance.)

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