Packaging – what to return to us

We’re very aware of the need to avoid single-use plastic wherever we can, but packing a mixed box with vegetables and dry goods requires that some things get water-proof wrapping, and at the moment, that often means plastic – although we are using some HOME COMPOSTABLE bags where we can find ones that actually can be home composted – and we’ll share our stock with producers where that’s possible.

We re-use as much as possible. That means you need to return boxes, cold bags and cold blocks to us – we use second hand plastic bottles to make cold blocks, and second-hand plastic bags to separate (say) meat & dairy in your cold bag. Some of our egg producers can re-use egg boxes.

However, that said, we’re finding that our packing shed is filling up with second-hand packaging, and some of it is useful… but some of it isn’t. So here’s a quick guide to the items we want at the moment, and the ones where we’d say “Thanks but no thanks!”:

Delivery box (unless it is damaged) or similar sized boxes (stackable)Yes
Other cardboard boxesNo
Cold bag or box (unless it is damaged)Yes
Cold block (please remove from cold bag)Yes
Glass juice bottles, no lidsYes
Kombucha bottlesYes
Preserve and honey jars from local suppliers, no lidsYes
Jars from bulk buy or other suppliers (eg mustard, sauerkraut)No
Forest Hog plastic bottles, with lidsYes
Other plastic bottles (we’ve got plenty for cold blocks at the moment)No
Clean plastic bags big enough to double pack raw meat to keep our cold bags cleanYes
Small plastic bagsNo
Clean paper bagsYes
Clean cardboard punnetsYes
Plastic punnets or round lidded containersNo
Green and Mighty plastic containersYes
Egg boxes from Tanhouse Farm or Cooks of Country MarketsYes
Egg boxes from other suppliersNo