New Hubs!

The Food Hub is reaching capacity in the Forest. This is wonderful news in terms of the success of local / organic produce and the numbers of people now able to access it, but such a shame when we have to turn orders away.  Each week we have to limit the number of boxes we can pack, due to the size of our packing space, how many boxes we can fit in the van, and how many drop-offs we can do in one van round.

We are now hoping to expand the food hub model to surrounding areas.  We would love to meet like-minded people in those areas, to talk about how it could work, and to share our experience and resources.  Some of them may be interested in being producers, customers or volunteers.  We don’t want to compete with local businesses, but to work with them to everyone’s benefit.

If you are interested in this, or would like to get involved, please email us on the address below.  Thank you!

New Hubs





















One thought on “New Hubs!

  1. admin Post author

    Hi Maggie
    At the moment, we only come as far down the A48 as Lydney.
    We’re working on expanding and we do have people in Chepstow who are interested in working with us to cover a wider area, but it’s a big job.
    Watch this space!
    for the food hub


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