Make your Own Easter Eggs

eastereggsHow did the celebration of the height of Spring become a time to gorge on sugar and cocoa? Well, maybe because sugar and cocoa are great. But they are even better when combined with nuts, seeds, fruit and even veg!

1) Make your own eggs! You’ll need a chocolate mould but from there it is easy. The Bulk Buyers Supplier organic chocolate is perfect for the job and affordable. The eggs are made in two halves and then joined together, which presents the perfect opportunity to fill the eggs, perhaps with dried fruit or crushed seeds. You could even sneak in some beetroot in by filling with beetroot and chocolate brownie bits.

2) Super Balls in Egg Shape – Putting dried fruit, nuts and seeds through a mincer renders a sweet and delicious paste that can be shaped into eggs, balls or even bunnies. To make them chocolatey you can add cocao nibs or chocolate to the mincer or just coat them in chocolate. They still contain lots of sugar but also all the good bits of the dried fruit, nuts and seeds so a much healthier option.

3) Painted Eggs. I loved blowing eggs when I was young. And the best bit was that mum would always have to make a cake after. Why not experiment with natural dyes for painting your eggs. A lovely purple comes from beetroot and a fantastic orange from onion skins. Or have a look at this for more inspiration:

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