Get Involved

One of the key ideas behind the Food Hub is that if we come together we can create a food system that works for consumers and producers without the big overheads of the standard retail model.

There are lots of little ways you can support the Food Hub:

  • Volunteer with our Friday packing days between 10am and 1.30pm. It’s fun, there’s always tea, cake and good conversation. Plus if you commit to one day a month you receive a 10% discount from every order.  If this sounds good, we’d love to hear from you!  We have a rota so please contact us, and we will find a suitable date for you to come along.
  • Handing out fliers in your local neighbourhood and promoting the Food Hub to your friends and networks
  • Hosting a pick-up point on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. This helps us get the Food Hub to more people more efficiently. Get in touch if you might be able to offer a space as a pick up point.
  • Return your bags and boxes each week. If we have to buy bags and boxes we need to cover those costs through the sale price of the produce, so returning these helps reduce our costs.
  • Donate a few pounds to the Food Hub when you order by ordering the ‘Support to the Food Hub’ product. This helps us to expand our reach and grow the Food Hub.
  • If you would like to commit a bit more you can talk to us about joining our Workers Co-operative. We are a young co-op but we wish to grow. We’d love to have more inspired local food enthusiasts join the team to help bring local food to every plate in the Forest!