How do we manage the business?

The legal & technical stuff: We’re a worker’s co-op, registered with the FSA as a limited not-for-profit company. If you want to join the co-op, you can come to one of our monthly meetings and see how we do things, but if you come regularly and join the co-op you’ll become a “director” of the company.

Big decisions get made by that monthly meeting, so it has to be most of the people who are deeply involved – the worker’s co-op itself. Small decisions get made by the people on the ground. How to tell the difference? If someone feels that a decision is too big for them to make alone, they ask for advice. No bosses, no supervisors.

Some people get paid for their work for the Hub and some people can afford to volunteer their time, or make other contributions like being a pick-up point. Producers get paid for their stuff, though – that’s a given.