Have you checked our bulk buys lately?

We’re always looking for great value organic products to put on the list and it’s easy to forget to order them and then have to go to the supermarket (boo hiss!) when you need something urgently.

So here are some of the things you might want to keep in the store cupboard.

Bread flour – we do wholemeal organic bread flour for 99p a kilo, and white for £1.26.  That’s more expensive than the bargain basement “value” ranges but it makes much better bread.   You could add rye flour for an interesting flavour for £1.51 a kilo, or even push the boat out and mix in some spelt flour but that’s £2.24 a kilo, so you’re talking luxury there.

Pasta: we do organic wholemeal pasta, penne or spaghetti, for £1 or less for a half-kilo pack.  Or spelt (that touch of luxury again!) for £1.75.

Four kinds of rice: Basmati white or brown, organic and less than £4 a kilo.  Arborio (for risottos) is expensive (£2.20 for 500g)  but you could use short grain brown instead – that’s just £1.25 for half a kilo and it tastes great in risottos or even in a rice pudding.

How about something different?  Couscous is great in salads and our wholemeal organic couscous is £1.46 for half a kilo, or buckwheat for just £1.25 – sprout it, cook it like rice (but with more water) or even plant it in the garden as green manure for that price…  I grew some chickpeas last year, I didn’t get a huge crop but they were wonderful green and raw in salads.

And of course we do sugar, beans, more beans, 4 kinds of lentils, nuts, did I say beans?, oats, tamari soy sauce, quinoa (how long before we have some grown in the UK?), dried fruit – delicious dried figs for £1.01 for 100g as well as raisins, sultanas and dates – and have you tried the peanut butter or the hazelnut chocolate spread?


2 thoughts on “Have you checked our bulk buys lately?

  1. lorna stubbs

    Hi there,
    You mentioned rapeseed oil a while back. I would be interested in this sometime. I can’t order this week as I am away this coming weekend, but when I get back. Also could not see theOaklands chickens listed!

    Carry on the good work and many many thanks. We had some lovely food this last weekend esp beetroot hummous. Yum….

  2. Jane Carr, Lydney

    Hi there, I like to use hemp oil to cook with and make dressings etc any chance you could find some? All I’ve found so far is Good Oil by Brayham & Murray. I also enjoy the flavour of the coconut oil, could we have some that has not been de-odorized? Thanks, Jane 🙂


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