Free Range Chicken Available from Tony’s Market Garden

pblpfTony has been rearing cockerels since the summer and now the time has come for them to be ready for the pot.

These are some of the best quality birds you will find in the Forest. They have been ultra-free-range their whole lives, with 4 acres of market garden to run around in. Their diet has been predominantly foraged naturally, with some biodynamic grain mix to supplement. The birds are a dual-purpose bird, reared from chicks along with laying hens in the traditional way. The meat will be more nutritious than conventional chicken, with more around the legs and less around the breast.

These birds are available at £9/kg (most birds are about 2kg). Tony is offering the opportunity to kill and dress your own bird, meaning you get to keep the beautiful feathers and all the innards. The best days for this are Tuesday and Thursday.

Phone Tony on 07866137134.

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