Forest Food Sovereignty – Public Meeting


The Forest of Dean Food Sovereignty Co-op would like to invite you to our next meeting,

Where: Littledean House Hotel

When: Sunday, 17th Feb, 19:30

There will be a selection of locally produced fruit and vegetables on offer and our wonderful chef Genie will be preparing food and refreshments but of course please feel free to bring food to share.

This will be our third meeting here in the Forest and so far we have prepared the ground to begin putting into place the ideas we have been discussing to create more self sufficiency in food for the region.

This meeting we will focus on creating working groups for three initiatives:

1 – Network of buyers groups in the Forest

2 – Supporting Country Markets

3 – Model of Forest People’s Supermarket

If you are unfamiliar with the Food Sovereignty Movement it’s quite simple:

Food sovereignty is about the right of peoples to define their own food systems.

Food sovereignty puts the people who produce, distribute and consume food at the centre of decisions on food systems and policies, rather than the demands of markets and corporations that have come to dominate the global food system.

There are six pillars or principles of food sovereignty.

More information and links to other resources can be found on our website:

Tel: 07808168562


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