Food Hubs are going International!

Dean Forest Food Hub is joining the UK trial of new, open-source, international Food Hub software that has the capacity to completely transform our food system, from the bottom up. But we need your help to do it!

We’re joining the Open Food Network UK, the UK branch of the Open Food Network that started in Australia. The Aussie team have developed food hub software, that not only looks and feels better than our current software, but has the capacity to allow food hubs to trade over a wider market place.

Given that the Forest has never been a strong agricultural area, this Food Hub software bridges the gap between the desire to eat locally and ethically, and the fact that most of our food travels through established supply chains and mostly through the supermarkets. Using this software Food Hubs in the East of the country could trade wheat for our lamb, pork or apples. Good news if you like toast in the morning. Or Food Hubs in Vietnam could trade rice with us, and we’d be able to buy with transparency in the supply chain. Okay, all of this is a long way off, but the dream of a Food Revolution is one step closer to reality.

The dream is a particularly long way off as, internationally, this project relys on funding and donations for development, testing, implementation and operation. Most people that have contributed to this amazing open-source software thus far have volunteered their time to do it. We’re now looking to raise funds to get this ball rolling faster! The crowd-sourcing campaign is set to run for another month. Please donate now to help make this dream of a Food Revolution a reality!

Click here to read more about the Open Food Network and donate to their campaign.

We’re joining groups like StroudCo, Fife Diet and Manchester Veg People in the UK trial. Our workers co-op will trial it to begin with, and when we are confident we’ll open it up to you lucky members. All being well this will happen later in the year.


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