250g dries peas
150g sesame: as flour or paste
200g chestnut flour
enough chick pea flour to get a stiff mix
salt, chilli and pepper to taste
This makes about 48 20g falafels

Soak the peas for at least one night: they’re more nutritious if you leave them to sprout.  Boil the peas and blend them in a little liquid, adding the garlic and spices. then add the other ingredients and mix well. You want a stiff mixture, so add more or less chick pea flour to get it the right consistency. Roll into 2 cm balls using any flour to dry them and you can either bake them in a little coconut oil, or better, fry them – I use 2 cm of oil in a milk sized pan instead of a deep fryer. Can be eaten hot, cold or frozen.

Serve with pickles, salads, coleslaw, hot squash casserole, but be warned, they are more moreish and very filling!.

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