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Introducing Dandelicious

Please join us in welcoming our new producer: Dandelicious!

Some of what I make is from foraging: the dandelions – you look at them differently when they are food! – sugar free jams, the lively ingredients in creams; everything is as close as possible to traditionally made food and most but not all ingredients are organic.

Some things I use are modern conveniences: Xylitol in the jams, together with ‘fruit marmite’ (apple and pear spread); and lactose powder, which goes in the sweetened dandelion coffee: that’s a matter of personal taste.

The range of cosmetics and creams comes out of over three decades of busy homeopathy practice, I don’t use anything that isn’t edible, why would you put anything else on your skin? You absorb at least 20% of it. I’ll be offering cosmetic and herby unguents days over the winter, get in touch if you’re interested, it’s nice to make things for Christmas

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