Bulk Buyers Group

Save money on on quality grains, pulses, beans, flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, oil and more!

In stock at the moment we’ve got:
– Organic, fair trade, locally roasted
coffee beans (£1.30/100g)
– Organic pumpkin seeds (70p/100g)
– Organic barley grain (£1.70/100g)
– Organic white flour (£1.20/kg)
– Organic red-split lentils (£2.10/kg)
– Organic short grain brown rice (£2.00/kg)
– Organic sesame seeds (45p/100g)
– Organic almonds (80p/100g)
– Organic figs (70p/100g)

Our current offer is includes porridge oats, sultanas, aduki beans, and quinoa. Click here to order.

Members can order online using the ordering password. Click here to become a member.

Through the Bulk Buyers group we order bulk sacks of organic drains, pulses, flours, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, oils and some canned goods. As we grow we aim to order directly from farms that are as local as possible, and to support producers find fair markets for their products. At this stage we are buying as local as possible, but unfortunately there are few dry goods grown in the UK. We make it clear which country the product was produced in, and you can support us to support local farming by choosing UK and EU products as much as possible.

We offer discounts for people who buy in bulk (5%) and bring their own containers (5%). If you do both you’ll get a 10% discount!