How It Works

Using the Food Hub is easy

1) If you aren’t yet a member you can sign up here.

2) After you have joined access the Food Hub here.
If you’d just like to have a browse of what’s available you can do so here, no need to sign up first.

3) Click ‘FoodHub Shop’ to browse and order from the range of local and non-local produce available. Orders are placed on a weekly ordering cycle. Orders close 11:59pm Monday each week. And our packing and delivery day is Friday.

4) To pay we offer a range of payment methods: bank transfer, Paypal, cheque, cash and Healthy Start Vouchers. We aim to take payment before delivery as this is one of the ways we keep our prices low.

5) Home deliveries happen on a Friday afternoon. If you opt to pick up from a pick up point these are open either Friday or Saturday. Find out when your chosen pick up point is open here.

Note: Check the Order Date when you are ordering. Orders received on Wednseday-Saturday will not be ready for pick up this week, but for the following week. Tuesday is when we process orders so orders received on this day may be processed this week, but we can’t guarantee it.

Member Benefits:

- Can order online each week from the wide range of amazing local produce.
- Receive our weekly local food newsletter.
- Can get involved! There are lots of ways to help build a local food system that works! And regular volunteers can receive 10% off each order. Find out more here.
- Join the network of like minded people working together to create a food system that is fair. Together we can bring Food Sovereignty to the Forest of Dean.