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Introduction to Spices

Most spices have considerable health benefits, and have been used for centuries in their original cultures for healing as well as for their delicious taste. Contrary to what many people are led to believe, spicy food is usually NOT hot! But it should be very tasty, and learning about a few basic spices can add […]

Moroccan Lamb Tagine

This is a lovely, cheap, traditional dish which everyone loves, as it’s tender and sweet.   4 pieces of neck of lamb 1 large onion and oil for frying 20 dried apricots 2 tbsps tomato puree 2 tbsps turmeric, cumin, ginger 1 clove garlic (optional0 Spinach (optional)   As with the dhal, begin by frying […]

Vegetable Stew

A very easy and delicious meal. 1 each large onion, carrot, parsnip, pepper: these can be varies as desired 4 oz mushrooms 1-2 sticks celery 1 pt water or vegetable stock Tin any beans 1 tablespoon each cumin, ginger and coriander Salt and pepper to taste   As always, fry the onions in plenty of […]

Dhal and Rice

This is a daily meal for many Indian families, very nutritious and very cheap. 2 cups of rice 1 cup orange lentils 1 large onion plus oil for frying Small tin tomatoes/ 3 large tomatoes Garlic (optional) 2 tablespoons each of cumin, coriander, turmeric 1 tablespoon of minced or powdered ginger   Chop and fry […]

Braised Red Cabbage with apple

This is great with pork and mash with mustard. 1 Red cabbage (Oaklands Park Farm) 4 eating Apples (Oaklands Park Farm) 1 Onion 50ml Cider Vinegar salt and pepper butter knob of pinch of cinamon and nutmeg Start off with the onions in a big wok then throw it all in add a splash of […]

Recipe: Frumenty (or fermitty)

A traditional recipe that used spare wheat seeds after the spring sowing, updated for a modern kitchen. I eat it as a wonderfully filling and delicious breakfast – a real treat when the weather’s cold. Per portion: A handful of wheat grain – the food hub’s spelt grain is perfect A small quantity of milk […]

How to eat Seasonally All Year

When you walk into the veg isle in the supermarket it’s pretty much impossible to know what time of year it is (except at Halloween when the pumpkins wear witches hats). How bizarre, in a country in which there are a good few months of the year when the veg patches will be little other […]

Sprouting Aduki Beans

Aduki Beans are delicious soaked, cooked and added to the pot. But to get the most out of these incredible beans you can sprout them. Aduki bean sprouts are rich in vitamins E, C, B and A as well as calcium and iron. They contain all of the essential amino acids aside from tryptophan and […]

Recipes: Tahini… then Hummus

This fortnight the Bulk Buyers group has sesame seeds and chickpeas on the list. These aren’t exactly local, they can’t be grown in the UK, but they are very nutritious and efficient to transport. And once here, we can use them to make our own hummus, using our own homemade tahini. Tahini is also great in salad […]

Recipe: Nut & Seed Butter

Peanut butter is a great addition to morning toast. But like most things you buy in a supermarket, there are loads of nasties often hiding inside. You can make a ‘butter’ out of any nut or seed, and they are actually fantastically easy to make. We highly recommend pumpkin seed butter, not only because we […]