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Have you checked our bulk buys lately?

We’re always looking for great value organic products to put on the list and it’s easy to forget to order them and then have to go to the supermarket (boo hiss!) when you need something urgently. So here are some of the things you might want to keep in the store cupboard. Bread flour – […]

Make your Own Easter Eggs

How did the celebration of the height of Spring become a time to gorge on sugar and cocoa? Well, maybe because sugar and cocoa are great. But they are even better when combined with nuts, seeds, fruit and even veg! 1) Make your own eggs! You’ll need a chocolate mould but from there it is easy. […]

“Where’s my ……?”

An explanation of “missing items” from a member of the packing team I am sure many of you have experienced that moment when you unpack your food hub delivery and find that something you ordered isn’t there. We fully understand the frustration you must feel when you realise that you haven’t got the eggs you’d ordered to bake […]

Lydney Youth Cafe – Community Garden Launch

Friday 19th December 4pm – 8pm Over the past couple of months we have been designing a community garden for the Lydney Youth Cafe. The garden will be a creative space for the use of the various groups that use the Cafe in Lydney. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the space it’s […]

Sun, Seed and Season – Introduction to Seed Growing

Every vegetable and plant we grow wants to produce seed, and yet seed growing is only done by a very few growers across the country. With so much of our food and seed autonomy under threat now is the time to regain an understanding of seed. Sun, Seed and Season is a workshop designed to […]

Unpasturised Milk

We have been talking about delivering unpasteurised milk though the food hub for some time, and it now looks as though there is a possibility we may be able to do it, but before we start detailed discussions with the producer and environmental health we need to know that there is sufficient interest from our […]

Food Hubs are going International!

Dean Forest Food Hub is joining the UK trial of new, open-source, international Food Hub software that has the capacity to completely transform our food system, from the bottom up. But we need your help to do it! We’re joining the Open Food Network UK, the UK branch of the Open Food Network that started in […]

Eco-farmers Granted Injunction Against Illegal Eviction

On Wednesday June 25th members of Yorkley Court Community Farm were granted an injunction order against those involved in the illegal action against them. The group successfully resisted an eviction attempt from the land they have been dwelling and cultivating for over two years. After considering all the evidence the judge at Gloucester and Cheltenham County […]