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Courgette & lemon linguine

400g linguine
3 courgettes, coarsely grated
3 tbsp olive oil, plus extra to drizzle
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
zest 1 unwaxed lemon
large pinch crushed chillies
handful of torn basil leaves

Cook the linguine till at dente, then drain quickly so some cooking water is still clinging to the strands.
Tip back into the cooking pan with the grated courgettes, olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, chillies and most of the basil.
Season, then toss everything together.
Scatter with remaining basil leaves and add an extra drizzle of oil, if you like.

This also makes a great pasta salad. Just swap the linguine for a pasta shape like farfalle or fusilli, drain well, mix with the other ingredients and cool before serving – the pasta will absorb the flavours while it cools.


6 eggs
1/4 pt milk
1.2 lb Cheddar cheese, grated
Lots of cardamon powder
plain yoghourt

First take five eggs, beat them well into the milk and make as many thin omelette as you can, Then beat the last egg well, mix it into the cheese and mix in a hearty teaspoon of cardamon powder. Pop a dollop onto each omelette, roll it up and tuck in the edges as the cheese will melt everywhere if you don’t. Bake in a moderate oven for 25 minutes, and serve very hot, with yoghourt and honey dripped lavishly on top. Great for dinner parties or children: they sounds odd, but they’re wonderful!!

Heaven Balls

I tin unsweetened chestnut puree
10 oz mixed nuts & seeds (no peanuts)
10 oz dried fruit (not vine fruits)
desiccated coconut or sesame seeds to taste
a little salt
a little lemon juice

Grind up the nuts and seeds, and the dried fruits (I like a mixture of dried apple and apricots); blend together, add the chestnut puree. Roll into small marble sized balls, and then roll them in either sesame seeds or coconut. Huge amounts of vits and mins in them.They can be frozen, chilled or stored in tins, and they aren’t called Heaven Balls for nothing, everybody loves them!

Glorious pancakes: wheat free/ low starch

4 tbs chestnut flour optionals
1 tbs rice flour omega mix seeds
1 egg any berries
1/2 pint milk cream
butter cinnamon
1 thinly sliced apple

Blend flours, egg and milk, with a little extra water is needed.

Heat butter in a suitable pan and gently fry the apple until it has softened and turned golden. Pour in the pancake mix and cook quite slowly, as the proteins take longer than gluten to thicken. Loosen the pancake when one side is done – and a good trick instead of turning it, you can upside down it onto a plate and then slide it back into the pan to cook on the other side. Then add delicious berries, just to warm them all, turn out and eat with optional cream. It’s scrumptious!

this recipe is also wonderful with almond or rice milk.

Cabbage with Creme Fraiche


White cabbage
Creme Fraiche
Grate the cabbage on a food processor or grater. Braise it in oil on low heat with lead on it. (Should loose its juice and not burn down but boil in that. Or little water has to be added. ) Smesh or chopp the garlic and add to the cabbage. Sprinkle with vinegar, add salt.
Mix 2-3 ts of flour with creme fraiche knotsless and add to the cabbage towards the end when is already tender. Add finelly cut dill on the end and give it a last, short , fast boil.
The consistency should be something like the mashed potatoes. Serve as garnish with steaks or just simply with french toast, halloumi cheese, whatever.

Chestnut, Mushroom & Coconut Soup

This one’s a corker!

6 large mushrooms
1 lge Onion ½ Tin Coconut milk (or ¼ block)
Garlic Herbs
4 tbs chestnut flour 1/2 tsp cumin, coriander, ginger to taste
Salt 1 pint water or stock

Gently cook chopped onions and garlic in a generous amount of oil until transparent, add the spices and stir for I minute. Add the flour and the coconut, stirring in well and then add the liquid, Cook gently for 5 minutes, then add chopped mushrooms and herbs. Let it cook over a gentle heat for 20 minutes and it’s done. Really tasty!

Traditional Dumpling Bake


Diced carrot, leek, parsnip, swede, other veg to taste
Diced meat (optional) Wine (optional)
3 oz butter/oil/lard 4 oz chestnut flour
Fresh mint, thyme, sage & peppercorns
Tomato puree
Spices to taste
1 pint stock.

Gently fry chopped onions and garlic in a suitable oil, add the meat and spices, tomato puree and cook for a minute. Add the wine, stock and vegetables, and leave to simmer for 20 minutes.

Make the dumplings:
Put the chestnut flour in a bowl, add the softened butter and chopped herbs and rub in until a crumbly texture is reached. Add a very little water and mix it in, then roll the dough out into little balls.

Pour the stew into an oven dish and spread the dumplings over the surface. Cover with a lid or tinfoil and bake for 40 minutes in a moderate oven, checking occasionally. Then dish up with some tasty steamed green leaves, and this can’t be beat. I usually do either a vegetarian dish with extra mushrooms in, or lamb with plenty of mint in the dumpling mixture. This is just wonderful, filling and delicious.

How to sprout beans


Ingredients and Materials

  • Aduki beans or chickpeas or any whole dried bean (as many as you’ll eat in salads, stirfrys etc)
  • A Jar, colander and clean cloth.


1) Rinse the beans, then cover in water and soak overnight.
2) The next day, tip the beans into the colander and rinse thoroughly. Allow to drain then place in the jar and cover the mouth with a cloth to allow the beans to breath. Leave the jar in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
3) Rinse and drain the beans twice a day until they have tails at least 1/2cm long. Taste your sprouts after each rinse, as texture and flavour changes over time.
4) Give your sprouts a final rinse and then leave them to drain for a few hours. In a sealed jar your sprouts will keep in the fridge for 3-6 weeks.

Total time: 3 days – 1 week.

Now… use them in a quick stir fry: Bean Sprout Stir Fry



Celeriac and Apple Soup

½ Celeriac (chopped in cubes)
2 small apples (can be any eating apple chopped in cubes)
butter 1 knob
veg stock 1litre

1.Fry celeriac & apple in butter gently until golden
2.Add veg stock
3.Simmer until apple and celeriac are soft.Add pinch of tarragon,salt,pepper
4.Puree until smooth.At this point you could thin the soup if desired
5.Serve with creme fraiche or chopped chives
6. Ratio of celeriac and apple can be altered depending on taste

Curried Parsnip Soup

500g parsnips
2 onions
5 cloves of garlic
1 tsp chopped ginger
1 tsp coriander
1 tsp cumin
pinch of cinnamon
3 cardamon pods. or instead of the last 4 ingredients 1 or 2 tsp curry powder according to taste.
1 small handful of rice
500ml milk
500ml water
1 small bunch coriander leaf (optional, if you have it!!)
Butter salt pepper and 1 bayleaf.

If you use the seeds, then roast the corriander cumin cardamom and grind in blender, processor or pestle and mortar.
Slice onions and stew in good knob of butter.
Add chopped garlic and ginger and then the peeled and chopped parsnips.
Add spices (or curry powder instead), sweat for 5 minutes.
Add rice, bayleaf salt and pepper milk and water ( I usually add a low salt veg oxo cube too).
Bring to boil and simmer for 40 minutes.
Remove cardamoms and bayleaf, and liquidise.
Add chopped coriander and serve!
Especially yummy using Tony’s fab parsnips!!!